Finding the Best Student Accomodation for Your Kids

Here in The Lyra, we assure our tenants a pleasurable and memorable experience by offering services designed for the needs of the students themselves. Downing Students London offer a healthy environment conducive to study and our amenities encourage students to create a splendid community. Overall, our contemporary features are designed perfectly for students from our location to their everyday needs. Here is what we have to offer:

Perfect Location

There is no need to get stressed about being late or having the need to prepare extra early for classes. The Lyra is at the heart of London enabling the easiest access to transport links and close proximity to all major universities. Here, there is no need to worry about access for transportation. Our location already makes it possible for you.

Clean environment

clean student environmentOur establishment is immaculate. We have a team that makes sure every area of our establishment is spotless. Health and sanitation is one of our top priorities and we make sure we implement good practice for tidiness. Students won’t be bothered with filth loitered around the building or anywhere within our premise. We make sure the students enjoy a comfortable stay and free from seeing mess anywhere. We guarantee our establishment can give you a clutter free environment.

On site laundry

Getting clothes washed wouldn’t be a problem here in The Lyra. Students will find their needed day to day facilities housed within the building. Our tenants no longer need to leave or go outside for laundry service. We already have that service available for them.

Free Wifi

Students will need the internet for their academic and personal use. Our establishment has superfast internet connection speed throughout the building. Here, students don’t need to worry about not having an internet connection or even a fast one and there is no additional charge for the Wi-Fi. The superfast internet connection speed will surely be one of our features that the students will really enjoy.

Smart TV

Students get to have their own personal Smart TV with Bluetooth Technology which they can use to relax after a long day of studying.
Security wouldn’t be an issue at the Lyra. Aside from our security entry systems, we also have CCTV and a capable team able to respond 24/7. Students and their parents can sleep soundly knowing our occupants are in good and able hands. We make sure security is one of our top priority so students can be able to focus on their studies and projects well without the need of worrying about their safety. Bottom-line is, occupants can rely on our security.

Good community

clean and orderly communityWe have lounges and even a roof terrace where students can spend time and have fun with their friends. We encourage everyone to create fun and positive memories here at The Lyra. Meet new people from different parts of the globe and share memories with them.

If you are in need of an excellent contemporary student accommodation, The Lyra is for you. Our establishment is already set with the features you’ll ever need for your studies and our environment is good for the well-being of students. Make your stay in London pleasurable. Study in the heart of London. Stay at The Lyra.

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