Problems That May Rise with Fostering

Fostering is not something everyone can do. Fostering requires selflessness, love, care and thoughtfulness towards the foster child. Kids in foster care don’t have the privilege of really having a permanent home. A lot of kids in foster care often get placed to not just three but sometimes even an even greater number of homes.

This gives the children the feeling of being unwanted and ruins their drive and hope for having a family.

This leads them to a life not well lived and a life not well ordered. Fostering students from a fostering agency require the same traits. Foster parents need to love their foster child as if they were their own. They also need to be mindful about the child’s mental and emotional condition and understand why they are. These are but some of the characteristics and challenges from fostering students from fostering agencies:


rebelious foster kidFostering students might be more of a handful than you think. With the emotional damage they take from not being with their biological parents to being placed at a different to several homes, you can expect the child to be rebellious. It’s going to be hard keeping up with their tantrums and being patient with them but you have to make the know you are there for them. Trust and hope can be just dreams for them and you have to make them realize that you are there to help them crystallize it.

They will keep to themselves

It wouldn’t be a surprise especially at first if foster children will keep to themselves. They barely know you and they will keep their distance because they know they are not certain with permanence. The thought of them being sent away again prevents them from sharing how they really feel. In fostering students, be the one to always open up to them. Make them feel you care and make them feel that you understand them. Tell them it’s okay to share their thoughts and emotions and be there for them always when their down or seem to be having trouble.

foster kid sleeping at school

Low performance in School

You have to understand that foster child may not do well in school because of the emotional trauma they may bear. Be always there for them, guide them and support them however you can with their studies. Tell them they don’t need to worry about anything. Being always there for them is not just a responsibility to fostering students but to fostering a child in general. Create ways to detach and cure them from the hurt they have suffered. Make them grown and believe they too are special because they are.

Fostering is a noble duty and it takes an incredible heart and a beautiful soul to fostering students. Understand, guide and be there for your foster child always. They are your children. Make them feel like they are your children. Develop and nurture them as your children. Be their cocoon for them to develop their wings and be free from all the hurt they’ve suffered and be changed to a different person. Know that you are a miracle to your foster child.